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Tree Health



Trees, whether growing in your yard or your woods, face many threats. You can promote the health of your trees by taking care of them and carefully managing problems. From planting to maintenance to dealing with issues as they arise, this web portal from tree specialists at the University of Kentucky will give you the tool to grow healthy trees.


Abiotic issues are not related to a pathogen, insect or animal. Rather, abiotic issues are environmental issues that can cause stress, decline and even death in trees.

Abiotic Issues




Learn about stress and decline in woody plants, proper and improper pruning practices, growing fruit and nut trees in Kentucky and more.

Tree Care


Insect and diseases (bacteria, fungi and more) can often negatively impact the health of your trees. Proper identification and diagnosis of pests or diseases is imperative.

Insects & Diseases




Resources in this section highlight selecting and properly planting new trees, as well as some tree management tips.

Tree Planting


Invasive plants can cause significant harm to native plant communities and our woodlands. Proper management and control can help mitigate the effect of these invasive plants.

Invasive Plants




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