Thyronectria canker

William Jacobi, Colorado State University,
Canker Sampling of Trees and Woody Ornamentals
Cercospora fungi

Paul Bachi, University of Kentucky Research and Education Center,
Leaf Spot
Cercospora Leaf Blight in Kentucky
Honeylocust spider mite
Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
MiteSpider Mites on Landscape Plants
Fall webworm

Ronald F. Billings, Texas A&M Forest Service,
WebwormTent Caterpillars
Powdery mildew
Dr Parthasarathy Seethapathy, Tamil
Nadu Agricultural University,
Powdery Mildew
Powdery Mildew
Locust leafminer

Steven Katovich,
LeafminerLocust Leafminer